Thursday, December 30, 2010

Question 11 with Jane and Jane


  1. Be fun to see you, Joe and Katie in a weekly series!
    My New Years wish Jane!

  2. Dr. Quinn has definitely stood the test of time because the themes are universal, the acting superb, the sets and costumes authentic and the romance was not contrived. Joe directing James must have been fun. These amusing anecdotes help to make the anticipation about the movie even greater. Now, I think Joe must start to write Dr. Quinn fan fiction. One of the things I most enjoyed about the series was the fact that Michaela and Sully had such an ethereal connection. It's a great observation that whatever might separate them in life, they would eventually find their way back to one another. Great insights with your signature humor thrown in. Thanks.

  3. I am one of fans obsessed with Dr. Quinn. This show offered wholesome entertainment for all ages. I'll just mention a few of the attributes Dr. Quinn offered: The romance between Dr. Mike and Sully is magical and timeless. Each episode is rich with history and excitment. The resiliency of the human spirit is displayed when met with hardships and prejudices. The writing is brilliant in giving us characters that we came to love and an amazing cast to bring them to life. Nothing today comes close to this caliber of entertainment. Joe, how could you suggest that Dr. Mike and Sully could grow apart? No they would not! again I say no,no,no. Thank you so much for enriching my life.

  4. Another diehard that just won't quit over here
    : ) (so glad you're not annoyed)
    When I was a child, I had asthma (just a milk allergy, but no knowledge of that or remedy)and whenever I had a bad attack, my parents would get me out of bed and let me watch one of my Dr. Quinn tapes. It would always immediately calm me down! Even now still, whenever I feel tense and I accidentally hear the DQ themesong, it helps
    : )
    When I was 9, I dressed up as Michaela Quinn for 'Carnaval' (The European/Belgian Halloween), and nobody knew who I was, 'cause there weren't a lot of Belgians watching the show back in 1993. When I turned 16, I fell in love with and started dating a Sully/Joe look-a-like. My 18th birthday party was a Dr Quinn theme-gardenparty, with old western food, bays of hay to sit on, and all 40 guests dressed up as a character from the show! I started doing theatre because of you. I got interested in medicine (started talks with my grandfather, who was a doctor), I started listening to the wonderful Johnny Cash thanks to you, I got a masters in history because of DQWM, and so on...
    Thank you both for inspiring me in so many ways! You'll never know what it all meant and means to us, the fans. You truly did change our lives. Dankjewel! Cléo

  5. I am a recent Dr Quinn fan, watching it for the first time on INSP and GMC. Too busy in the 90's to watch TV with family and career. I wish the two of you would create a new show continuing in Dr. Quinns style, emphasizing social and environmental issues with many of the scenes filmed outside in natural settings in an historically accurate context. There is so much the two of you could do with historic drama. I emailed the History Channel and expressed my views about supporting a show like Dr. Quinn that took place during 1890-1910 along the west coast. There was so much going on during that period in history.Together you two create this passion for social justice, honest playfulness between two people and integrity that is very comforting to see on TV. I have told all my friends and family about Dr. Quinn and most of them are watching you on TV. Is Dr. Quinn on any channels other than INSP and GMC? I wonder if PBS would be interested in an historically accurate western drama? Aside from reality shows there are few programs that have people actually functioning in nature. Hope you can work together (outside) soon. You are like "Ginger and Fred"! With Gratitude