Wednesday, December 29, 2010

more questions


  1. that's really funny tsee you together. sorry for my english he's very bad because i'm french.
    i would love to buy your bijoux but there isn't in france it's to bad!! where find your bijoux in france please!! xoxo ! thanks so much

  2. Tabling turning the tables? Darn. Here's hoping that you get many more opportunities to work together in 2011.

  3. Jane, I totally adore your video blog. Like I said before, I love the little banters between you and Joe. It's so cute and funny and totally entertaining. Thankfully I almost immediately caught the videos right after you uploaded them all to YouTube yesterday (because somehow you must have forgotten to embed some of them in your posts), and I didn't want them to end. I wanted to watch and listen forever. I'd really love to see you and Joe do more together, more Pru movies, more movies in general, more... whatever.... I just love your chemistry, there's no fake, it's really who you two are.

    I'm dying to see "Perfectly Prudence" with *Prudence* and *Annie* and *Jack* and *Mister*!

    Happy New Year, dear Jane, to you and your beautiful big family. May all your dreams and wishes come true.

    Love from Germany,

  4. Jane and Joe - you guys are a riot - and a pure joy to watch. You spark off each other brilliantly. You mentioned that the script for Perfectly Prudence was like the old time banter and that made me think - I wish you guys could make some remakes of some of the old Tracy/Hepburn movies, like "Woman of the Year" - that would be awesome. I can just see both of you in that.

    But anything, really, would be wonderful for us fans. Can't wait for Jan 8th to get here! and I hope there are a few more of those videos to come! Loving them!