Saturday, December 18, 2010

Q and A with Jane and Joe Part 2

I'm so glad you enjoyed Part 1. Here is Part 2.
We will be posting them as often as we can. JS


  1. Love you guys! Enjoyed it very much! Keep them coming!! :)

  2. I can't wait to see more. You both are so cute!

  3. Gosh I love these vids want to see more ;) XO

  4. Kathy said...
    Can't wait for January 8th!!!
    Joe and Jane are so cute together!
    I hope they continue to do more.

  5. This one was so precious! As everyone has said - you guys are so cute together. And yes - please keep this little vids coming! We love them! :)

  6. These videos are fabulous, Jane. Enjoying them very much!!! More please!!

    By the way, love your Christmas tree!

  7. I really enjoyed watching this one, it was great. That was so nice of that family to let you all film in their home. One of my really good friends grew up in the Grand Rapids area.

    Looking forward to more of these videos. :-)


  8. You two are so sweet for doing this. And you look so comfortable and relaxed. Can't wait to see more.

  9. Thank Jane and Joe for this, i love u. I'm Italian and i didn't understand some sentence please is there someone who can explain what they said, too fast for, eh!!!!!

  10. Thanks for this new video .Both of you look great !The "old man"(lol)looks very handsome with his short hair and scars!
    Thanks for doing this video in your kitchen Jane..May be we'll see some other rooms of your beautiful home.It is fantastic!
    And a big thank you for the quality of these videos!

  11. I totally agree with Twinnie, "the old man" is still hot and sexy!
    you both are still beautiful and so cute together!
    I love you so much!

    Virginia, Italy

  12. Great video!
    Age is only a number. How you feel is what matters!

  13. Q&A Part 2 was quite enjoyable to watch. What a small world it is that Jane knew the lady who once owned the house in which they filmed. Joe's poor battle scars from movies, dog bites and more give him even greater character. It's truly magical to watch the two of you together again.

  14. These clips are like the bonus material on a favourite DVD - thank you so much again for doing this!
    I had to laugh when Jane called Joe a baby because he isn't even 50 yet LOL. Those of us who are over 50 definitely understand that (including me).
    Looking forward to the next clip!

    @ Deborav: I'm sure you can ask at one of the DQ boards for help. It worked with the video blog for the first Prudence movie.

  15. Thank you for this second high quality video.
    At 49 years, Joe is very nice he is not worried

  16. I really enjoyed part 2. You two are so cute together, almost like an old couple **grins**.

    I had to giggle when you, Jane, called Joe a baby because he just turned 49. You know, seeing you two doing this Q&A together makes me so want to see the movie because I really love your little banters and hope to see something like this in "Pru". :)

    Looking forward to the next part of your video blog.

  17. Thank you! Still such a beautiful couple.
    Can't wait to see Part 3, Part 4, Part.., ... :)

  18. That's so great to see you both doing video blogs again!
    Can't wait for the next ones and for "Perfectly Prudence"!!

  19. I totally agree with kruemi. LOL
    Thanks you for the HQ video too,
    Can't wait for the next one and "Perfectly Prudence" in January 8th. (thanks in advance for our US-friends ... <3)

  20. The age "issue" it´s funtastic! You are great when you are together!

    I think that Jane will always have 21!


  21. Awesome. Am off to look at the next!

  22. Loved this second video :)
    It's good to see you both together again!

  23. Love seeing you back working together as you truly are wondeful actors & you work so well toether--- Off & On screen. we hope to see more of you working together in the future & MORE of " Perfectly Prudence" From a truly devoted Fan way down in New Zealand. Charmaine :)