Monday, February 21, 2011

Open Heart Foundation Event

On Saturday night we had an inaugural Open Heart event at out home.  close to 400 people attended and we were sold out.  Everyone's generosity was extraordinary and the evening was so memorable.  The tables were spectacular.  Metal and candle lit crystal trees hung with Open heart ornaments and surrounded by a mix of beautiful fresh flowers as well as permanent botanicals from my new line  Mixing both fresh and artificial flowers made for spectacular color and design and everyone fell in love with the combination.  The food was delicious and we drank Patron Tequila and our own JS Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  We honored four people for opening their hearts to others.  Pat & Emmitt Smith, Robin Roberts, Jesse Billauer and Susan Rizzo Vincent.  Cheryl Burke presented to Pat & Emmitt and India.Arie to Robin.  India also performed, impromptu, a part of her song that Robin helped write about opening your heart.  Susan Rizzo was introduced by me- more to come on her story and how she continues to spread the Open Heart message.  Jesse was introduced by Jose Pasillas and spoke so eloquently-  moving us all to tears.  During his speech the thunderstorm struck and the generator blew out.  Fortunately nothing stops Jesse .  he continued as our electricians who were also guests of the evening located temporary power.  It was very dramatic.  The entertainment began with the brilliant William Joseph on piano along with violin and cello.  He was followed by our son Johnny's band PT5 Plead The Fifth who performed two songs with his father James playing harmonica.  They were great.  Then came Lea Maria Cappelli, a new young 16 year old singer who amazed everyone.  Katharine McPhee blew us all away with her songs, especially her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  She was so sweet and so much fun- we played dress up in my closet before the show.  Then came Jakob Dylan and one of the Wallflowers- such extraordinary music.  To end the evening William & Katharine performed his Oh America Song and we were brought to tears.  Too much to say in one blog.  More to come.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My birthday

I'm sitting at the kitchen table getting ready for a private birthday party at my home. I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and fans who have been sending me cards flowers and cakes all day. Wonderful thoughtful gifts of beautiful letters and even a scrap book of my life so far! Some people worry about turning 60 but I'm so happy to be alive and well and doing what I love most with people I love. Yesterday I worked on Castle a TV show that I love and the actors and director were great. It was fun to act again if only in a small role. 2weekends ago I got to dance again with Jonathan Roberts and his wife Anna Edyta and Alec. Felt like I was back on DWTS but a live show called Ballroom with a twist. It was amazing and I did a waltz and an argentine tango. So I guess my body still works it's fun to defy gravity the natural way and I just LOVE to dance. The most exciting thing is the Open Heart Foundation event and launch which will happen on Saturday. More to come but you can check the website. Hopefully Johnny and his band Plead the Fifth will play for us tonight. We now have CDs which is so exciting. I love being a groupie for such talented kids. Great day so far. Love Jane