Monday, February 21, 2011

Open Heart Foundation Event

On Saturday night we had an inaugural Open Heart event at out home.  close to 400 people attended and we were sold out.  Everyone's generosity was extraordinary and the evening was so memorable.  The tables were spectacular.  Metal and candle lit crystal trees hung with Open heart ornaments and surrounded by a mix of beautiful fresh flowers as well as permanent botanicals from my new line  Mixing both fresh and artificial flowers made for spectacular color and design and everyone fell in love with the combination.  The food was delicious and we drank Patron Tequila and our own JS Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  We honored four people for opening their hearts to others.  Pat & Emmitt Smith, Robin Roberts, Jesse Billauer and Susan Rizzo Vincent.  Cheryl Burke presented to Pat & Emmitt and India.Arie to Robin.  India also performed, impromptu, a part of her song that Robin helped write about opening your heart.  Susan Rizzo was introduced by me- more to come on her story and how she continues to spread the Open Heart message.  Jesse was introduced by Jose Pasillas and spoke so eloquently-  moving us all to tears.  During his speech the thunderstorm struck and the generator blew out.  Fortunately nothing stops Jesse .  he continued as our electricians who were also guests of the evening located temporary power.  It was very dramatic.  The entertainment began with the brilliant William Joseph on piano along with violin and cello.  He was followed by our son Johnny's band PT5 Plead The Fifth who performed two songs with his father James playing harmonica.  They were great.  Then came Lea Maria Cappelli, a new young 16 year old singer who amazed everyone.  Katharine McPhee blew us all away with her songs, especially her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  She was so sweet and so much fun- we played dress up in my closet before the show.  Then came Jakob Dylan and one of the Wallflowers- such extraordinary music.  To end the evening William & Katharine performed his Oh America Song and we were brought to tears.  Too much to say in one blog.  More to come.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful night!


  2. Jane, thank you so much for your report. Sounds like you had a great and successful evening! Sorry about the temporary power out, but I can imagine that this just added to the fun.

    I'm looking forward to reading more from you and I wish you lots of success with your brand new Open Hearts Foundation.

    Love and best wishes from Germany,

  3. Dear Jane,
    it sounds like you had e marvellous night, thanks for sharing your feelings with us!
    Your philosphy is going to influence many souls, including mine.
    Being your fan for 15years is a continuous growth because you are a unique human being and your words are always great, sweet, sharp and incisive. thanks so much.
    Love From Italy.

  4. Hi Jane,

    Wow! What a wonderful evening! May there be many, many more to come! I'm a recent India Arie convert, so I can imagine how great her performance must have been. I've seen some photos of the event on FOJ and you looked lovely in white! In fact, everyone looked great!

    Take care,

    Love from England.

    Diane x

  5. It was a fantastic evening! Everything from the food and drink to entertainment and wonderful people we met- divine. Thanks for opening your home and your heart for such a great cause :)

  6. What a meaningful evening!! I can see it all now in my head...from the beautiful table decorations, so elegant, to the delicious food and music. I bet the speakers words were so touching!! I am glad it turned out well for you, despite the power outage. (Sometimes, that makes it all the more memorable!!) Hopefully there will be many more events to come. I would love to be able to come to one in the future!


  7. Thanks for caring, and that we the people get to hear about your evening its exating.
    Love from Norway..

  8. Good evening Jane,

    thanks a lot for this great report - part 1.
    On The DQ Times's forum I've seen a CNN video and your message reflects it. The tables were stunning, so beautiful with candles and flowers.
    So many people, what a great response to the OH message and philosophy of life.
    Your OH earrings are beautiful. Went on Kay's website to see them in details.
    Kisses from France

  9. Thanks for sharing such an amazing night, Jane!!! And you looked amazing as well! You are such an inspiration in all you do. The world truly IS a better place having YOU in it! You give of yourself so freely and your "pay it forward" attitude is something for all of us to strive for. Thanks for opening up my heart!
    Warmly, Kelly

  10. Dear Jane,
    I watched the CNN report as well and reading your post here makes me feel as if I were there. Like the reporter in that interview I marvel at your ability to do so many things - and most of them for others. You are a true inspiration!

  11. Dear Jane
    Im a single mum who went through a rough marriage and divorce six years ago. Since reading your site, its help me to move forward and open my heart again, i know a have so much love to give someone again not just my son. Thank you soooo much. God bless
    P.S loved dr quinn, you and joe were amazing, chemistry was electric !!
    Anna (australia)

  12. Best wishes to You lots of success and happiness in Your private life and Open Hearts Foundation
    from Poland :)

    warmest congratulations!


  13. Hi Jane,

    I heard that you are a collector of DARIDA. I have an original oil on canvas listed on Ebay.


  14. Dear Jane- It sounds like you had a fantastic evening. Sorry about the power outage, but despite the set back it sounds like the event was a complete success.

    Kaili Scholl

  15. Dear Jane,

    It was a busy night! Thank you for your post.

    Best wishes!

    Luis - Portugal

  16. my lovely jane,
    your evening looked to be so nice, I'm sure it was in fact, you organized it!!!
    I'd like so much to meet you one day, what an amazing person you are...:)
    Did you film this amazing evening? I'd like to watch it!!!
    I've recently watched perfectly!! I enjoyed so muchhhh, you were perfect, katie, joe, james too, you all were amazing!
    I hope you are ok, all the best <3


  17. Oi Jane, meu nome é Norma Portal, sou brasileira da cidade, Rio de Janeiro, conheci você através do filme "Yesterday's Children".
    Sou sua fan. AMO VOCÊ!!!

  18. Jane, I have a question, why don't you sing? I was watching the cowboys lullaby from Dr.Quinn and you're singing. How come you don't sing for real?

  19. what time is the gallery open at king of Prussia on june 4

  20. Dear Jane,

    First, Happy Belated Birthday. I didnt know till now. And secondly, I'm glad the night went so well.

    I have a qestion for you though. I'm 44, about the age you were when you started the DQ series, which is my favorite by the way. I can hardly believe how fast time has gone by. I have so often wished they would restart the series, but I'm afraid it may be well past that now.

    There are things in this world that really get me down, and I'm wondering how you keep such an upbeat attitude and ALSO an open heart when there is so much that hurts. I care deeply for animals, and I'm having a hard time living a joyful life knowing the atrocities that go on, not just with them but with so many innocent people as well.

    How do you move past all of that and live such a peaceful life? I give what money I can, and I write to legislators, but it seems nothing I do is making a real difference.

    Thanks for any advice you have. I read your book Remarkable Changes, but would love to hear more if you have the chance.


  21. Great blog! :))

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :))

  22. Hello Jane, I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I appreciate your work. I am watching reruns of Dr. Quinn and I wish I would of found it a long time ago. I am 29 and throughly enjoy the show. I just bought the complete set today. I know this show probably seems so long ago, but I am so glad it is on tv! It is full wonderful stories and of course romance;-) I hope you are doing well and God bless you! Ashleigh Massey

  23. Dear Jane,
    I am a new fan of Dr. Quinn watching it for the first time. Do you have a list of the TV channels that run Dr. Quinn? It is historically and medically interesting, playful, and has an honest delivery. It addresses timeless ethical issues. Have you and Joe thought about writting a show that continues with the same conviction and risk taking to address environmental issues? I love the outdoor scenes of the two of you.

  24. I really would like to read more about your story about Open Heart Foundation Event

    Lots of Love

  25. Dear Jane...
    Just like Renee here above - I'm a pretty new fan of Dr. Quinn. But as much as I feel almost overwhelmed by the thoughts and emotions you and everybody on the show transmits... Your devotion to PEOPLE, your ability to open our hearts (and eyes)... Well, I can't put in words how much THAT means... To me... as well as to so many others!

    The world surely needs human beings like you - now more than ever! You taught me something... about myself and the world... Yoy taught me love... and to care for others! And that's the only thing in this world... really worth fighting for!
    I want to thank you for that! From the bottom of my heart - Thank You for helping me be a better person!!

    Susanna from Sweden

    1. Susanna! I LOVE that show too! Check out my blog post I just wrote about it:

  26. Hello beautiful Jane! I just posted a blog post (see below) about you as Dr. Quinn. My husband and I love that show! It's great to see your blog and all the good things you're doing. I admire you!

  27. Hi Jane, thank you so very much for sharing youself & all that you do to help others. Im a huge fan of yours & follow you via internet, as down here in New Zealand we are less privilaged of what we have on our TV channels... We don't have many of the TV satations that America or many other countries have, so unfortunately most of my updates are via watching youtube. I love your 'Open heart foundation'--- & I believe we need more people in this world to open their hearts, so many many Thank you's. Im a HUGE HUGE Fan of both you & Joe Lando & love that you are still really good friends ( Both your families- thats rare & Truly special) I watch "Perfectly Prudence" regularly on this website ( Love it) & I own the full DQMW collection--- Almost know each episode by heart as its storyline is so well written & I love the history! I have a question for you... Have you ever thought of visiting New Zealand? I would love to met you as you inspire me to be just who I am! I have a love & passion for people of all Ethnic's & I have a deep desire to make a difference in our ever changing world :)
    Thanks Jane for taking time from your busy life to read my message.
    Charmaine Pawson New Zealand

  28. I attended your Christmas performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir last year and wanted to thank you for accepting the invitation and for the amazing evening. The spirit that was felt was tangible. You, Nathan, the choir, the dancers, and the orchestra did a superb job. Well done. Thank you so much.