Monday, December 20, 2010

Hallmark viedo on utube

I just found this video on you tube from Hallmark that I wanted to share with you . I hope you enjoy. JS


  1. Hi, Jane. Along with your segments with Joe, YouTube has many more Hallmark segments on "Perfectly Prudence," including interviews with you, Joe, Katie and Matt. They added a bunch today. I have assembled as many as I could find on my web site, if you would like to take a look:

    I also have links to your blog, Joe's page and the DQ Times pages on "Perfectly Prudence." In addition, fans can click on a link to provide feedback to the Hallmark Channel. Thanks again for these wonderful clips!

  2. Oh yes, Jane, I found this one through the link one of my friends posted on Facebook yesterday (my time) and I love it. It's really cute and I can hardly wait anymore to watch Pru 2. ♥

  3. @ Debby K. Thank you so much for collecting all the Hallmark Channel clips of Dear Prudence. I don't think I would've found them all otherwise.

    Jane, watching all these clips make me even more excited to see the movie. You, Joe, Katie and all the others seem to have had such a great time filming it, which makes it even more enjoyable to see.

    Groetjes uit Nederland,

  4. I'm very disappointed I won't be able to see "Dear Prudence" because I don't have the Hallmark Channel. Any followers here know if there's a place I could watch it online after it premieres?
    Thanks for starting this blog Jane. These videos have been a lot of fun!

  5. As a fellow artist, I have followed your creative journey for years. I recently caught up on Dr Quinn when they broadcast the complete series on GMC.
    I am now a renewed fan of both Joe and yourself.

    Thank you for starting this blog.
    I love the personal connection.