Thursday, December 30, 2010

More gab with J and J


  1. Hmmm. I think I'll have to plan a trip to Grand Rapids. Michigan airs many vacation ads in my area, so it does increase my curiosity about it. The state should hire you two as ambassadors! When I was in college, my apartment had cockroaches. Little did I know those many years ago, that I could have made a profit from the critters.

  2. ROFL, this is too two are hysterical!!! "Fun with cockroaches", lol now there's something you don't hear every day. Like Debbie said, too bad I didn't know they were creepy crawly cash boxes when I was in college. Could have made a fortune off those palm-sized buggers we had outside our dorm freshman year.

    Honestly I could happily listen all day to you two gabbing away. Your friendship and chemistry really shine through in these clips. Such a great idea doing them. Thanks for sharing with us and keep them coming, please!