Thursday, January 6, 2011

Question 16 - Last One!

This is the end of this series of questions with Joe and I. Hope you enjoyed watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. Jane


  1. I'm sad that your clips have come to an end. Please pencil in another session post-Prudence. I bought the "Together" painting, and it is my favorite, as well. I treasure the dedication that you both wrote for it, as well. Thanks so much for sharing this time with us. Now, I have to go publicize "Prudence" some more. Have a great time at the Hallmark event on Friday. Just so you know, the Dr. Quinn fans are super excited to see you both on the screen again!

  2. Thanks to You and Joe for doing these videos!! They are terrific !!! I also am sad to see them come to an end but Saturday is almost here. Can't wait to watch "Perfectly Prudence" with my sister! Party anyone!!

    Hopefully we won't have to wait so long for the next time that you both work together.

  3. Gosh, I can only echo what Debby K and Deb already said in their comments, but yes, I, too, am sad that this was the final part of your video blog, and I loved every bit, every second, your bantering, Joe cracking one joke after the other (and his laughter which is so contagious). I DO hope that, after Perfectly Prudence, there will be more movies, and I'm so in love with your idea of taking Pru back to England with Jack in tow...

    I'd love to see another video blog made either by you, Jane, alone or together with James or Joe, or Katie....

    Now I'm looking forward to seeing Perfectly Prudence, and thanks to a wonderful group of fellow Jane fans I'll be able to watch it soon. It's just a shame that German TV still didn't air the first Pru movie.

    Thank you so much, Jane and Joe, for doing this for us. Thank you Sean, for filming it, and a big Thank You to James for uploading everything to YouTube. I ♥ you all, and I love Perfectly Prudence already before even having seen the movie.

    Have a great weekend, and please post more to your blog soon.

    Love and hugs from Germany,

  4. This is the end... Thank you for all the pleasure you've given us. It was a great and rare moment. You're both very generous to share your complicity with your fans. I liked your humor (especially Joe's jokes) and your confidences. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Jane, j'espère que mon anglais est aussi bon que votre français, c'est un plaisir de vous voir ainsi. Ici, en France et en Europe, nous espérons tous, que votre film traversera vite l'océan. Encore milles mercis. Isabelle de France

  5. Like the saying: "All good things must come to an end." It's sad, but it's been so wonderful! Thanks a lot for sharing these with us. I hope to see "Perfectly Prudence" soon. I've already enjoyed seeing little clips of it. And I do hope you two get the opportunity to work together again, I mean who can resist such good partnership?!

  6. Jane, it's been such fun, I feel almost like Quinn was being cancelled all over again :-(- Seriously I think you and Joe should consider a web series of video blogs on all different topics- You really have a great rapport and your sense of humor comes out in these in such a natural way, different then in a scripted comedy. It's been wonderful getting this personal glimpse of the two of you. I am so looking foward to Saturday this week like I haven't in ages. Like the good old days- no phone calls, tv taping, etc. Love it:-) Thanks again, this was a great holiday gift from both of you!

  7. Thank you so much, Jane and Joe, for posting these! They have been a real pleasure to watch. I'm only sad that there don't seem to be any ways of viewing the Prudence movies in the UK, but will be thinking of you over the weekend and hope that Perfectly Prudence is a wonderful success.
    Thanks again.
    Diane x

  8. Thank you very much Jane and Joe for all these videos!!!!

  9. Thank you (Jane, Joe and the others in the background) for making me feel special because you made all these clips for us. I enjoyed every single one, and I laughed a lot. I wish I could give you some of the joy you gave me back.

    Fortunately I have friends in the US so I will get a copy of Perfectly Prudence. I can't wait to watch it!!
    I hope we will see you, Jane and Joe, working together again...

  10. Thank you so much, Jane and Joe, for doing this for us. It was the best present ever! I loved watching every single one of them. You and Joe have such amazing chemistry, and it was so much fun to get to watch you two together as yourselves. I can't wait to watch Prudence, and I hope you guys do more movies together. I reallllly hope you both will do more video blogs for us in the future. You've made so many of your fans so happy!! :)

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  12. How "lame" can one be?! Since when did Jane Seymour become a Casting Agent?! It's up to you the parent to get your child noticed..Get off your "butt" and do it yourself! No one owes you a living!! Don't bring up the "open heart" without knowing the meaning behind it..That's just wrong..Not to mention disrespectful to Jane Seymour and her family..

  13. Dear reverenced Mrs. Jane Seymour,

    (I send this e-mail primarily -some moments before- on the webpage: - probably You will read it twice :$ | :) That way it has send private but I think my question could be specially interesting for lot of people which like, respect and love You!)

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    Some years ago the main TV channel here played over your marvelous serie: Dr. Quinn - The Medicine Woman.
    I saw the first part just totally random way turned on the TV and watched. From the first moment cached me the fancy the fairness and humaneness. And I saw later every single part anf my father joined me in that time. Thank You! You delight to us much and other people which I could talk about your movies.
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    Dear lovely Mrs. Seymour, could you write some "string" (? or line) about that times your remembranches, your opinion about Freddie and the relationship of yours? How happend and what happened the happenings of yours? :) (Just very sinless questions; I don't aim any factual part of course! :) )

    I hope You had good remembrance about that times! If You think could give answer public on your webpage or if You think I could share your answer with fans and also the Queen-fans of course!

    I will be very pleased if you give a little answer to me if You will have a little time! :)

    Thank You all!

    Fondly Joe Pataji from Hungary


    (Michael Cain didn´t seem to like Freddie though.) :D

  14. Did someone watch the brand new Jane Seymour&Joe Lando movie? :)

    Unfortunately I can't watch the Hallmark channel. :( But sooner or later I will glom of course! :)

  15. Dear Jane and Joe (and Sean and James),
    thank you from the bottom of my (trying to be open!) heart for these videoblogs. I hope there 'll be more of them in the future. Please keep talking to us in this way, it's the best gift a fan can receive : )(More questions are coming up already!)It's amazing to see how you all are such good friends in 'real life'. Now I'm off to find a copy of Dear Prudence somewhere online (Belgium and Hallmark, won't work), 'cause you got me curious!
    I hope 2011 is full of surprise, beauty and meaning for you and your families. All the best, with lieve groetjes uit Belgium,

  16. I miss hearing from you! ;o)
    Hope you're doing fine.
    Love from Europe!

  17. It's lovely to see you both so happy and well! I happened upon Perfectly Prudence last week and was, frankly, giddy to watch it. Aside from the joy of seeing you and Joe Lando back on screen together, it was highly entertaining and stood on its own merits. I hope there will be more Prudence in the future!

    It also made me seek out a channel that replays Dr. Quinn, which I haven't seen in years. It was the first show that I remember feeling deeply connected with (I was 12 when it began), and rewatching it now I realize how much of an influence it had on me. That show inspired my imagination and planted ideas that took root. Plus, I find myself getting just as swept up in it now as I did then. You created something truly timeless.

    So thank you for all that you did to bring Prudence to our screens. It was well worth it and great fun. And also, and more deeply, thank you for being an inspiration to the girl that I was when Dr. Quinn aired. There are many shows I have enjoyed over the years, but there are few that I can say truly impacted who I am. Dr. Quinn did that. Bless you.


  18. Dear Jane, first, let me thank you again for doing these video blogs for us fans. Like I already told you, I loved each and every one of them immensely and I re-watch them on my computer whenever I feel like it.
    I also was finally able to see Perfectly Prudence and I absolutely LOVE it. Not only did I enjoy the chemistry between you and Joe Lando, err..... Pru and Jack, I also loved your interactions with Katie. You two are a dream team and I hope you'll do many more projects together, not just Prudence movies, but in general. (Maybe more Quitters episodes?) And, I also really adored James as "Mister".

    Do I want more? Yes, abso(bloody)lutely, hehe! :)

    And I know I'm not the only one.

    Another thing... Dear Lady Jane, I miss reading you here on your blog. Please post more soon. No matter what you post, photos, videos, a note... everything is highly appreciated. :)

    Love and best wishes from Germany,

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  20. Dear Jane!
    I'm a big fan of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and I'm very pleased that once again I can see you both in new movie after such a long time. You and Joe look so cute together :) and I hope you soon creating new project, maybe tv series or something like that, it would be great. I also enjoy the chemistry between you - I loving it because you too are so funny :) Thank you so much for doing this for us fans :)
    Kasia from Poland

  21. chere Jane,avec joe lando vous êtes mes deux acteurs préférés,vous êtes encore plus beaux q'avant j'ai vu quelques extrais de Prudence, et il me tarde qu'il arrive en france pour le voir vous n'avez pas changés la chimie est toujours là! en attendant de vous revoir sur l'écran, (un peu tard) je vous souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire. (j'adore vous voir danser)