Thursday, January 6, 2011

Question 13 with Jane and Joe

More gab with Joe and I!


  1. Lots of fun and insight in this segment. That camera flub has been shown in many outtakes from Dr. Quinn over the years. It still cracks me up.

    Clips from the Prudence "balcony" scene and from the "kitchen kiss" were shown on "The Today Show" this morning. Both illustrate what you're talking about in this segment. Very well acted!

    Side note to Joe, I happened to "meet" a Facebook friend with whom you went to high school. Her name is Sally, and she is a cousin of a former student of mine.

    I am a strong believer in making peace with those whom we have hurt and who have hurt us. It lifts a heavy burden from one's heart and gives a new perspective on life. It is so true that sometimes when we step back and assess our work, we gain new depth of appreciation for what we accomplished, which we might not have originally perceived. As you said earlier, Dr. Quinn was that way, too. I am certain that your Prudence film will provide that same outlook to others.

    Sorry to be so long-winded here. How wonderful it is of you both to inform us AND to entertain us with these clips.

  2. merveilleux Jane et Joe,pour moi vous serez eternellement Michaella et Sully,depuis que je vous ai vu dans (DR QUINN)il m'est impossible de vous imaginer autrement j'espere que vous allez encore travailler ensemble, vous restez toujours les mêmes,aussi beaux et chaleureux!!!!!!

  3. I just saw Love, Wedding, Marriage and I loved it!

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